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In Admiration of Jeff Fulton

We met Jeff in early 2018 when we invited him to bid on the combined jobs of demolishing our previous home, preparing the site and building our current home in Pebble Beach. We’d never built a home before but had extensively prepared for the daunting task ahead of us, and we knew how we wanted to proceed as very involved owners/”partners” with our builder. Jeff showed us unequivocally that he was more than ready and highly capable of taking on this 3+ year endeavor as our GC though he had never worked so closely with an owner on such a large and novel project. He came up through the trades and knows how each trade operates, what skills they need, and what good vs. bad work looks like!
Our primary home is in Ohio but, very quickly, Jeff and we felt the distance minimize as we took each other’s calls promptly and discussed every detail like true collaborators. Jeff’s responsiveness to us, his extraordinary construction, crew, subcontractor and site mgt. skills were outstanding and were extremely important to the speed, efficiency, and cost management of this complicated project. And we took great pride in Jeff for passing EVERY inspection without getting any corrections by any local and municipal construction inspectors throughout the whole project! We’ve learned that it’s quite common for a builder to get some corrections along the way, which can slow down work considerably and cost money.

Jeff Fulton is a trustworthy, smart, hard-working, communicative, dedicated, fiscally conscientious, seasoned, respected builder with a big heart. And he built for us the most beautiful house we have ever owned!

             – Lynn and Rick Giesen

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